There are nine days left till publication of Banished.

This is me right now:


Only not quite as calm.  But it is exciting and not at all terrifying*

What is very exciting to me though is that I get to take part in a blogtour, as set up by Lucie at Tor UK, for the release of Banished.   As being on the receiving end of a blogtour as an new author…well, let me just say, it is a completely different animal to what I expected.  And I enjoyed it hugely, putting it all together and I think what helped is that some of the subjects I chose to write about aren’t your run of the mill subjects.  So, sorry about that. 

More importantly, here is the stonking banner Lucie put together.

Banished Banner

*whispers: that is my book wot I wrote that I get to talk about

On the 24th, I will also launch a bit of a giveway on here.  I won’t say much about it right now apart from the fact that it will be big and fat and stuffed full of swag.  I have no idea even how to ask for entries. I will have to figure that one out. Maybe do it via here and twitter with the hashtag #banishedswag ? That could work! But, I will see what comes together when it does happen.

For those of you who are looking into various options buying a copy of Banished, here are some links.  Just to be clear: I’m not affiliated to any of the stores I’m linking to so I make no money and get no kickbacks from anyone for linking to these.  Naturally I’d love for you to support your local indie store, so definitely do that, but I also know we’re all pretty much cash-strapped so order from wherever you want to suit your pocket!

Here we go:

Amazon – paperback 

Amazon – kindle 

Waterstones – paperback 

Hive stores – paperback & ebook 

Obviously Banished will be available in actual shop stores too so pop by and ask for copies. After the launch on the 27th Feb, there should be signed copies in Foyles on Charing Cross Road and I am thinking, there will be signed copies at Forbidden Planet (Shaftesbury) if I’m a truly lucky author, but I’ll keep you updated on that, at a later stage.  It’s all rather (OMGIAMSOTOTALLYFREAKINGOUTRIGHTNOW) cool.

Sword and book

So, that’s the end of me going promo-Liz about Banished coming out in a few days’ time. What am I up to at the moment?

Waiting for edits on Vowed to come back and to keep myself busy I’m obsessing about Teen Wolf (Stiles, I love you more than I love Isaac and Derek and Lydia and well, all the cast, basically) / Beauty and the Beast (Catherine you are my hero) / The Tomorrow People / Game of Thrones Season 4 (House Targaryen forever!) / The Walking Dead (omg, Rick please don’t die).

I am also fully loving tumblr and basically fan-girl to my heart’s content on there – follow at your very own peril.

I also got to visit, on my birthday no less, the very cool National Theatre’s prop department to look at props for the Foyles windows display.  Now, this is an opportunity very few authors are given, and I am genuinely flattered that Banished will be displayed in the Foyles “Staff Picks” window.  In the end we opted not to take anything from the National Theatre purely because we realised we could “fund” the window with stuff from our insane Tiny Tardis House and with the help of Mark’s sword tutor.  So, here we go:

Display stuff

Very excited to see the finished display – the one above was on our couch – in the window so I’ll definitely pop that onto the blog once I get sent a picture.

I’ve also just been writing in bits and pieces on a small contemp YA cross-over.  Not sure where it’s going but there are no explosions (!?) and no supernatural characters or elements (!?) but I am liking the characters and it’s making me laugh.  I’m taking this as a win.  And basically, really, that’s it, for now!