It’s been a hectic past few days.

I realise I went quiet for a while a few weeks ago, mostly because I was writing book 2 and really, nothing much was going on apart from me living in a dream place and writing, oh so much writing.  I was on an even keel and puttering along nicely, or so I thought.

Then November hit and suddenly it was all the things.

I wrote a blogpost for Sam at Realm of Fiction that went live earlier this week.  The response to the blog has blown my mind and for someone like me who is nobody to have a bunch of people tell me the blogpost was a fun read, that they love the sound of Banished, all that cover love and general excitement, totally is just the best.  I really hope that if you do decide to step in the world of the Blackharts, and Kit’s especially, you won’t regret it.

The Authors for the Philippines site is going incredibly well!  I’ve bid for a tonne of stuff and will be poorer for it if I don’t get outbid for all the things I want.  I’m a bit scared, actually, but you know? It’s a worthy cause and I love seeing the community banding together in this way.  Fans, readers and industry alike.  And what’s even more incredible is how many more people keep sending things to be added to the list of items to bid on.  *flails*

Late last night, or was it early this morning? I wrote THE END on Book 2 – we’re tentatively calling it VOWED.  Occasionally I misread it entirely and it looks like WOWED and it still makes me happy.  Vowed is a continuation of Banished and more questions are asked, more shenanigans happen and Kit makes a new friend in the shape of a SDI Agent called Dante Alexander.  (Who happens to be hot, of course, but also a happy to be shown the ropes of the supernatural world that Kit inhabits and the boy of course has some of his own deep dark sekrits.)

I’ve been asked by people online, via email and twitter and in real life (thanks Sam at Waterstones!): is there a love triangle? I can state that there is no love triangle.  But there are a lot of relationships and I hope that they are complex and interesting.   Because as humans (and other creatures) our lives and relationships are complex and strange, especially when it comes to family and what’s expected of us.

I naturally had to create a Pinterest board for Vowed too and it’s closely linked to the main Blackhart Legacy board.  There’s also a soundtrack which I need to tidy up so I’ll mention that on another day.

What’s next? Next is one day of rest, before jumping into edits.  The rest is necessary as I feel completely drained after finishing this book.  I even cried a little because you know *slow walking away full of feels whilst staring with eyes brimful of tears at the camera* is sort of how it feels when a book is wrapped up.  For me anyway.

Enjoy the pinterest board! And I’ll be waffling forth here probably next week Wednedsay/Thursday to let you know who will be a named character in Book 3 of the Blackhart Legacy.  

Vowed Pinterest Board