So, hastily, before I head home for the evening, here is the utterly lovely cover for Banished, the first book in The Blackhart Legacy trilogy.  It was announced over at the Tor blog today and needless to say, I’ve been grinning like a crazy person today.


When Bella emailed me the cover I couldn’t look.  I handed the laptop to Mark and told him to open the attachment.  Worst part: we had to download software to view the attachment.  And then he just stood there and looked at the screen and covered his mouth.

I thought OMAFGWTF is wrong and then he spun the laptop around and lo and behold the prettiest cover I could have dreamed faced me.

I didn’t cry.  I was laughing hysterically because I knew I couldn’t share it with anyone. Any. One.  It drove me nuts.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. I told people I had a cover but I just couldn’t actually SHOW it.

So I had to wait just over two weeks to see it revealed and let me just say: it was so worth it. Every day, every bit of work I do on book 1 and now seeing the cover out there, makes this journey more real, an actual thing.

I’m delighted by how well it’s been received online by friends and family and fellow bloggers and my SCBWI pals and my Author Allsorts folks. But mostly I’m just pleased that it looks this good and that it will generate interest online and when seen on a bookshelf in bookstores. I just honest to goodness pray that the contents does that cover justice. No pressure there, then, Tor UK!


12 thoughts on “The Cover!

  1. Stunning cover, Liz.
    Puts me in mind of The Dark Half meets Blackbirds – no bad thing there at all.
    I bet you are suitably chuffed with that design – one more step to this becoming VERY real for you, congrats.

  2. Hi Liz – wow absolutely beeeee-eee-a-yoooteeful! Wow – so excited and proud of you. My hubby and I are just looking at it and admiring the fact that we have family, that publish books!

    Well done

    Lots of love


  3. Thanks my loveliest of nieces! It means a lot. 😀 I’ll be sure to get some copies sent off to you and Elize once I get some in!

  4. Sent the link to Ann yesterday, who immediately came back with ‘I am lost for words. Cannot imagine how excited Liz must be.’
    And when she came home, she said, ‘Isn’t that the most beautiful cover?’ And Ann’s not really into YA stuff, so this is a pretty big comment!
    I think it ROCKS, baby!
    But you knew that.

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