I love them. I love the buzz of them.  I don’t mind really what type they are – small independents (although they are the best when run well and they offer great service) or larger chains (where the staff know you by name and start making your chai latte as you walk in).

I find them comforting places to hang out.  This is one place where I know how to act and where I’m not self-conscious.  I know, it’s weird.

I sent my 2kg manuscript back to the publishers yesterday, neatly wrapped with a ribbon, with my notes on the proof pages and my obvious debut author mistakes highlighted.  So I’ve given myself today “off” from writing.  The physical writing bit, that is!

But my brain is working overtime because I’m remembering Banished really well at the moment and I’m working on Vowed currently and I knew I needed alone time in my head to sort some things out.

I opted to head out to a newly discovered tiny coffee shop /eatery around the corner from work to brainstorm the ending of Vowed and the start of Book 3.


Coffee shop 1

Coffee Shop 2

I’ve visited there before but only to grab a wrap and salad and head back to the office to write.  This time I opted to go downstairs and eat lunch there.  What a reveal.  I sat there for just over an hour, listening to Jimi Hendrix, staring at the mad artwork and I brainstormed and made notes to myself.  It was superb.


Time gap! My wordpress stopped working yesterday afternoon as I started writing this…but just as well because I was notified by friends who were at World Fantasy Con in Brighton that BANISHED proofs were one of the options to nab when registering.

I, uh, freaked out.  😀

Banished Proofs

And here’s a little bundle of awesome from my editor just as I was on my way home.  Isn’t it just lovely? I love that they’ve kept the title info on the spine for the proof and left that gorgeous picture free.  I’m kinda emotional and so relieved.

Banished proofs stack

I can’t wait to see these in Real Life.  I’m travelling to Brighton tomorrow for the weekend to attend WFC2013.  There are some stellar folks attending, panels to sit in on, and authors to fan-girl at.  Aaah, so looking forward to it!