I’ve been lucky enough to have met my editor socially (still not used to saying that or writing that) a few times now since I joined Team Tor.  This was due to me turning up at loads of events Bella also showed up at.  We even dressed alike at one event and that was a bit embarrassing; clearly the assimilation pills I took when I joined are working.

My 1940 Dutch Fairy Tale Book

It’s been great chatting to her in kinda off-time about various things and the more we chatted the more I’ve come to realise how much I trust her vision for the first Blackhart book and the series.  She asked really pertinent questions and is really quick on the uptake when I explain my world’s mythology to her.  I sent her some photos of the Dutch fairy tales I received as a gift from my friend Mieneke to give her an idea of my sources.

But then, this Friday past I got sent through my editorial letter and my manuscript edits too.  And, as luck would have it…my printer decided to mess around.  I went into a full on muppet flailing panic.  Thankfully I was alone in the office so no one could point and laugh at me.  However, I got the edits and the editorial letter printed off and carried it home, feeling hugely smug and going “oh yeah, baby, who is grown up now?”

I read through the editorial notes whilst I sat on the train rocketing along past Brixton (book 2 is set here) and Dulwich and I felt my heart swell with pride and excitement.  These were my words Bella was talking about.  My characters and the the mad situations I put them in.  And together we’re going to make it – hopefully – better and brighter and more enjoyable for readers yet to come.

I couldn’t stop smiling.  The manuscript itself looks not too bad, I convince myself, only lightly bled across with commentary and mark-ups.  I kinda expected a bloodbath.  My deadline is okay and doable, I tell myself, counting the days and figuring that I can easily take time off work too as I am owed a lot of days carried over from last year.  With that in mind, I puttered around the kitchen making dinner for friends of ours swinging by and whilst we were having dinner I kept smiling a smug secret smile.

This is the next big step for me and the book and it’s like I’ve just unlocked a gaming achievement.

I realise this is not the usual way edits are welcomed, but then, bear in mind these are my first ever edits from Bella.  The edits I worked on with Juliet last year feels a long time ago now and I’ve been pondering a lot of changes, some minor, some slightly bigger, to the manuscript and I’ve spoken to Bella about those too.  Now I can get stuck in, chop, change, amend and hopefully make better.

And I’m not even remotely panicking.  Nope. Not at all.  It’s just bloody exciting.

10 thoughts on “The next step: everyone panic!

  1. Oh yay! I’m so excited you got your edits – debut author strut, baby! Also, I am weirdly chuffed that your second book is set just up the road from me 😀

  2. Oh Jen – so exciting and thrilled. 😀 And yes, we must do a popcorn evening soon and then practice our strutting.

  3. It is exciting – and yes, it definitely is that one step closer. It was a weird situation, kinda being in limbo, working on book 2, waiting for the edits. Now they’re here, I have itchy fingers!

  4. So cool. And I love that you’re so excited to get into the edits, usually you hear a different story 😉

  5. I know! I was worried there’s maybe something wrong me, that I was excited to get stuck in. But then realised everyone is different and my point of view may change as I get used to the process. I kinda hope not, to be honest.

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