From Neil Gaiman's A Writer's Prayer
From Neil Gaiman’s A Writer’s Prayer

Warning: today’s blogpost is mostly NY Resolutiony stuff and a bit navelgazey – feel free to wander away.

These were my resolutions for 2013:

  • Write more.
  • Read more.
  • Relax more.
  • Hang out with my dear friends more.
  • Make more friends.
  • Exercise more (sadly had to put that in).
  • Spend less time procrastinating & self-doubting.
  • Be more frugal and use the library more.
  • Support good causes.
  • Cook more exciting things!
  • Take up photography / take my enjoyment of photography more seriously.
  • Enjoy London more.
  • Travel to new places!

The bits in bold type are things that are actually happening.  I am writing more and I’m reading more, far more than I did when I ran My Favourite Books.  I’ve put “Relax More” in italics because really, that’s hard to now with three books that need writing.  Oh, how little did I know and expect back in December.  Silly girl, Liz!

However, I’m tying “relax more” in with the bolded “hang out with my dear friends more” because really, that’s what relaxing for me is about.  Movies, long chats in hidden basements of secret restaurant shops in London with good friends and fixing the world.   The new friends thing is kinda new and a bit odd because I’ve joined two new websites:

Author Allsorts

We’re a group of UK-based picture book, children’s and YA authors and illustrators who’ve got together to blog about what we do and why we do it


OneFour KidLit is a group for children’s and young adult authors with books debuting in 2014.

I’m very proud to be part of both of these blogs.  I know some of these people online via Twitter and Facebook so being part of two great groups like this means suddenly a swathe of great support and newly minted friends.  I win this resolution, right??

But in all seriousness: there is so much to learn as a noob, but that’s actually related to how much you’d like to do and how active you want to be.  I know some authors just have their heads down and get on with it.  Me, on the other hand, I quite like being part of a group and finding out how things work before it’s my turn to you know, go out there and do it.  I like doing my pratfalls with back-up, basically.

I’ve blogged my first introductory post at OneFourKidLit and you can read that here.  My first blogpost for Author Allsorts will go live on 1st May and although I know what I’ll be blogging about I’m not sure I should say for fear of you lot laughing and pointing at me.  So you’ll have to wait.

The items I’ve underlined are things that are ongoing and occasionally hard work – exercise, less time procrastinating, being more frugal and using the library more.

The italics items – support good causes and photography – utter fail for me.  I’ve not donated much to charity since the start of the year or rather, not in the way most people would think.  I tend to pass on a lot of books to Matt’s school’s library and I know the books are finding a good new home there, but it feels a bit like cheating.  For the next few months, into Autumn, the house will be tidied stringently and we will be donating clothes and more books, dvds and cds to our local charity shops.

As for photography – pfft.  Please! The last time I did something was when it snowed so much and we almost froze to death walking around the local cemetery.  Pretty pictures though!

Enjoying London and Travelling to New Places – all of this is ongoing too.  Today for instance I walked all around Warren Street Station area and got horrifically lost.  I found tiny empty side-streets and wandered around them mewling like a lost sheep…until I found the correct building.  It was all planned, of course, me getting lost.  As for travelling to new places – well, we’re heading to Edinburgh in May and then to NY later this year.  Those are new places! (We’ve been to Edinburgh a few times but it was so long ago it counts as new). We are also visiting Oxford later this month on a silly daytrip.  I need some museum time at the Pit Rivers and the Ashmolean too, just because.

That’s it, my quarterly check-up on how things are going with my NY resolutions.  Not too shabby.  I shudder to think what my 2014 resolutions will be: breathe breathe don’t panic breathe breathe.