I’ve received the nod to be able to tell all the world some utterly exciting news:

I have a book deal. 

Not just a book deal, mind you, but a deal for a trilogy with publishers Tor UK.

Basically, what I’m feeling is this: (I apologise for the use of gifs in this blog)

Mixed with a bit of this:

Okay, that’s the end of the gifs, before I get motion sick.

This is the official press release info that went out from Bella Pagan at Tor UK and my agent, Juliet Mushens, earlier today but what’s really making me blush and feel proud is Bella and Juliet’s comments:

Bella Pagan had this to say on the deal: ‘I adored Kit Blackhart and her story. But there is so much more here than even the wonderful characterisation and fast-paced storytelling. I was massively impressed by the convincing weight of worldbuilding that backs up The Blackhart Legacy. This is a book that first charms and excites, then sticks with you to demand a sequel!’

Juliet Mushens said: ‘I fell in love with the rich world that Liz de Jager has created as soon as I read the first page of The Blackhart Legacy. Kit is a fantastic YA heroine – whip-smart and feisty – and I can’t wait for a wider audience to meet her.’

There’s been a storm of congratulations over on Twitter and it is amazing and I’m smiling and also: thank the gods I decided to wear waterproof mascara today!

And you know, a huge thanks to my friends* and to Mark for just being so cool and for encouraging me and grounding me.  It still feels kinda weird.  But it’s a good kinda weird.

And by friends I mean:

Sarah Bryars

Sharon Jones

Jenni Nock

Kaz Mahoney

Tanya Byrne

Kim Curran

Lou Morgan

Jamie Ambrose

Then my SCBWI pals: Sue Hyams and Mo O’Hara / Mo Oakeley and Paolo Romeo – they were right there at Kit’s birth and believed even when I didn’t.  You guys are the best!

These peeps are a dream team of knowledge, solid advice and good sense.  I encourage everyone to have a Dream Team like this to hand for crazy fun times like this.

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  1. Huge Congratulations Liz… you must be dancing on air! Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Hey Sissy

    We are so proud of you!!! Well Done!!! So amazing and awesome and everything!!! Congrats! Please tell me when I can go buy a copy!!:-)

    Love you tons:-)

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