One of my (our) New Year’s resolutions was to enjoy London more, and this goes hand in hand with trying new things and getting out of musty routines.

This Sunday we did just that.  Early morning we swung by Fee and Brown in Beckenham and delivered a bit box of picture books to them for younglings to enjoy whilst their respective parents and carers enjoy cake and tea.  (I had a huge clear-out of picture books at home and sadly the library did not want them).

I’ve been chatting to Del who is the owner of Fee & Brown via Twitter now for ages and it was great to meet in Real Life.  Hand on my heart, I have to say I have yet to taste better hot chocolate than she fed us yesterday.  Outside of visiting, Prague, of course!

Some pictures of the delicious cakes they had on offer.

Lemon tart, croissants and other things.




I loved my hot choc and having sampled their delicious fresh cakes in the past, it’s definitely somewhere I’d recommend, and Mark who loves his coffee is very complimentary about their brews.   In fact, I’m heading there this coming Sunday again with Amanda from One More Page.

After visiting Fee & Brown, we scooted to Brixton where we were to meet up with our friend Kat for some lunch at Honest Burger.  But as we were very early, we had the chance to walk around the market and just take in the sheer amount of gorgeous fresh veg and fruit on display.

I didn’t whip my camera out to take pictures, I thought it would be a bit forward but I’m so excited to see a lot of the fruit and veg I grew up on in South Africa on display at many of the shops.  Mostly I was excited to see gem squahses and also white pumpkin – in the UK a lot of these squashes aren’t available unless you visit “ethnic” shops which is strange.  And even sadder yet, is the fact that these squashes when they do appear in the UK shops, are seen as ornamental squashes and not to be used but to be put on display or carved during Halloween.


Gem Squash!

Anyway – we’ve resolved to hit up the shops in Feb to stock up on some gourds and squashes in February, that’s for sure.  There’s an old recipe of my mum’s I’m keen to try out.  Naturally it’s going to be messy, but that’s half the fun, right?

Del, at Fee & Brown told us about an artisan coffee shop in the Village we should try.  After a bit of trundling, we found it – Federation Coffee. I ordered a hot chocolate, of course, and Mark asked for a flat white and he also got us a slice of walnut and date cake.

Hot choc


The coffee was good, (they initially got the order mixed up but eventually cottoned on and brought Mark the right coffee) but the hot chocolate was poor – the milk wasn’t warm and it tasted like powdered hot choc.  I wasn’t at all impressed but it was a great location to sit and check out people wandering by.  There are a lot of eateries and shops here, vintage bags, jewellery and funky clothes and homewares.  It will take a whole day or more of exploring to find all the good bits!

We subsequently also discovered a second hand bookshop and a place (Ms. Cupcake) that sells vegan cupcakes.  I’m a cupcake nut and so we decided to not go in at this time, but we did stand and stare, and it was enough.  Yum!

We met Kat and our deets were taken down by the chap running Honest Burger’s “front of shop” as there were a lot of people hoping to get a place.  We went off and had some tea and chat but Kat’s phone rang sooner than expected as they had a table ready for us.  We jumped up and ran across the way where we got to scoff some truly delicious burgers and fries.  I forgot to take a photo – my bad.  What I like about Honest Burgers is that my friend Sarah, who’s delicate stomach can’t abide normal flour, can have the burgers here as they do gluten free buns as an option.  Isn’t that great?

We bid Kat adieu and caught the train back home – a 12 minute journey.  Not bad for a day out and about, seeing new things and experiencing new stuff.  I cannot wait to get back there and buy fresh veg! Mark was particularly excited about all the fresh fish on display too, me less so as I’m not a fish-fan, at all.  I just want to go back and try Mama Lam’s dumplings as they looked delicious.  And of course the cupcakes! I suspect having visited the Village, I will have to starve myself between visits otherwise I’ll turn into Gilbert Grape’s mum.