I’ve been aware of Ready Player One for some time now so when I renewed my library card a few weeks ago, I picked up a copy to read.


Great voice, great premise, great writing.

In theory the book should have sucked.  It’s about a young man, and older teen, who lives his life practically 100% online in a virtual world.  The premise is: a Steve Jobs’ like person created the ultimate treasure hunt in this virtual world – solve the riddles, find the keys, open the gates, claim a bazillionty dollars and be rich and famous.  Oh, and the creator of this world was 80’s obsessed – games, movies, books, tv shows – so there are a lot of references relating to the world of the 80’s and it is an incredible nostalgia trip.

I’ve read books in the past set partly in virtual worlds and in reality and it just didn’t pay off as you can’t ever really fully suspend your disbelief. But what Kline does is he takes you, step by step, into this virtual world, explaining things in a very conversational relaxed voice that never becomes boring.  And because of this tone, and the in depth layered world he’s created, you never ever doubt the main character or his world.  Unbelievable. I am utterly smitten.

The interplay between the characters online, the villains in real life and online, the glimpses of our broken future-world – it just so cleverly done I can’t help but think that I was really stupid not reading this sooner.  Because it would have meant I would have you know, read it sooner.

I’d venture to say Ready Player One is one of those books I will be pressing onto friends and random strangers in bookshops to read, if they haven’t already.  Also: Mr. Kline, you bastard.  I think I love you.