I have news, my friends.

I managed to land an agent.  It’s happened so quickly, so madly, so excitingly…and I’m still a bit “is this really real??” but she assures me it is.

The “she” in this case is Juliet Mushens (@mushenska on Twitter) of the Peters Fraser Dunlop Agency.  She read and loved Grimm and we met yesterday and she’s given me some great feedback and editorial suggestions.  I won’t even pretend that I’m not scared senseless but listening to her chat about the niggles she had, my hind-brain was telling me: you knew this all along, yes you did, you silly evolved human, listen to the nice lady.  Everything she said rang true to me, I felt it in my bones and I know making the suggestions happen in the ms will make my ratty little manuscript a far better beast.

I’ve got her comments printed off, a fresh copy of Grimm in hand and I’m going to relook at my wayward child and decide how best to apply the very valid comments and dammit, it’s going to be fun because it means that Grimm will be made pretty and shiny.  Also: this means a Grimm Revision Moleskine, oh yes it does! *strokes*

All my friends on FB and Twitter blew me away with congratulations.  I think I’ve probably got an extra 20 years’ worth of wrinkles overnight from all the smiling and gurning at the screen.  Mark has been fantastic and is rubbing his hands in glee to see me getting stuck back in to the manuscript.  He likes tinkering and is far braver than I am.  *horrorstruck face*  Deadline is end of August so I’m hopping to it pretty sharply from tomorrow onwards.  Wish me luck.

Enough about me, more about the world:

Last week I attended Lou Morgan’s book launch and it was so great – Lou is a ridiculously talented writer and I’m almost done with her debut – Blood & Feathers and can’t recommend it enough.   If you’re around, be sure to collect a copy to read.  There are signed copies at FP.  This Thursday is the launch of Tom Pollock’s bracing urban fantasy set in and around London – it’s called The City’s Son.  If you’re around swing by and get a copy – if you like Mike Carey and Kate Griffin and Ben Aaronovich, TC’sS is one for your shelves.

The fencing was really fantastic too – was great to watch.  I know for real now that my hand-eye coordination is badly lacking.  Also watched The Dark Knight Rises and wow, enjoyed it – a few niggles, but great fun.  Bane was deliciously OTT and the twist…well, now.  I approve.

Next week is the return of the Bourne franchise and my giddy aunt, I’m super excited.  We’ll hopefully get to go see it relatively early and soon.

Right, that’s it from me, for now.  I have some dull Office Jobs to do.

15 thoughts on “Going from 0 – 100 km in one fell swoop

  1. Ha! It felt like it. It really happened super fast but it just all rings true, so I’m super pleased.

  2. Aw Candy – thanks so much! 😀 And I strongly suspect the title will change…they usually do.

  3. I know I said it on Twitter & FB, but I’m going to say it again here – congratulations!! So pleased for you, Liz, and I hope I get to see Grimm in bookshops one of these days! x

  4. Hurrah! Yippee! Woohoo! So pleased and proud and excited for you. But, actually, said manuscript is far from ratty! Go go go!

  5. Congratulations again on bagging the best agent in the biz, my new fellow Mushie! How long were you querying for? I’m so excited to get my mitts on Grimm when it’s published! 😉

  6. @Kath, Jackie, Emma, Sue – you guys are the best. Thanks for all the lovely comments and side-line cheering. You must be exhausted!

    @Laura – fellow Mushie, it’s been a helluva ride. I went to query 2 weeks ago. And it happened within 48 hours but neither Juliet nor I could meet up last week so we did it this week. Crazy or what?

  7. Wow, Liz, you beat me! Awesomeee. I was at 3 weeks and Juliet was the last I queried but offered the next day. Then I got the offer from Amanda 2 days later. That was one helluva week.

  8. Congratulations and very well-deserved! So pleased to see all your hard work rewarded. (((huge hugs)))

  9. Great news, Liz. Well done. All that blood, all those tears were all worth it. Good luck with the next stage in the journey you lucky, talented thing.

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