We popped out to go and see Mirror Mirror earlier today.  It’s charming, funny, sweet and quite dark.

Julia Roberts (not my favourite actress in the world) is sublimely calculating and mean and sarcastic.  I thoroughly approved of her as the Queen.  Lily Collins – whose eyebrows look like angry caterpillars – did a credible job of being the heroine Snow.  The music was so so good, as were the costumes which I loved! All in all, it was hugely entertaining and oddly, Tarsem Singh also did the travesty called Immortals, yet completely succeeds in Mirror Mirror.  I’ve just been on IMDB and realised he also created THE FALL which has to be one of my all time favourite movies of ALL time.  Well, I’m not utterly prepared to forgive him for inflicting Immortals on us.  He clearly was having an off period when that was being put together.

As for CITW – no spoilers, I promise – but wow, what a good flick.  Joss Whedon clearly had so much fun making this. Tongue firmly in cheek he messes around with the staple diet of teen horror flicks and still manages to surprise us.  Even if you think you know the twist…you don’t.  Not until you go see it.

Both movies are highly recommended!

Grimm 4.0 WIP score: 31,856 / 75,000