A few things.  I’m a Neil Gaiman fan.  I know, who would have thought it.  But last year I spent a bit of money and got myself a copy of his Adventures in the Dream Trade, mostly because I remember it had some great poems in it. And there is a poem he call’s A Writer’s Prayer which I love.  Here is a snippet of it:

From Neil Gaiman's A Writer's Prayer

I think it is fantastic and charming and inspiring and eccentric and mad and I love it. I’ve got this little photo on my phone as my background – I know, random or what?

I spoke to an editor recently about Grimm, about my thoughts I had on feedback from two agents and this inner turmoil and conflict and self-doubt.  But also about how I could see what the agents were saying and thinking that if I listened, took my sore aching heart out of the equation, if I listened to the advice, how I could make this book golden and gorgeous.  And the editor turned around and said to me: your journey with this book is not yet done but talk to me when it is because I want to read it when you are done.  And you have to left go.  Remember.

I gaped as I read the email.  How true this was! I was not yet done, not after four revisions and tweaking and madness and late nights and no sleep. So I took her advice, I tried out a few things.  I started writing it from scratch.  I got just over 18k done when I realised that I was going about it all wrong.  The same nagging thing the agents told me to watch out for was happening again.

I listened, again, distilling it.  And I’ve started again.  And oh my god, that random thing when you get hit with a brick in the head, when you find your groove? Yes, that’s happened.  This, this, is what Grimm was supposed to sound like, this is Kit’s story. It’s so difficult to put into words – an alarming thing for an aspiring writer to say – but sitting down and writing this story now is new, fresh, vibrant and full of voice and attitude and bizarrely I had thought this is what it had previously.  I think I was wrong.

I confess to coming close to giving up, but I have big girl knickers and I pulled them up and I got going.  And you know what? Without this weird bit of madness, my life just won’t be the same.

Enough navel-gazing! It’s my birthday this coming Sunday.  Exciting times! I will be *mumble mumble* years old and I don’t look a day over 50.  No, dammit, that’s 25.  Yes, 25. And because Mark is utterly made of win, my birthday present this year is a gorgeous item from The Filigree shop.

I realise that it may not be every person’s kinda thing, but you know? These little guys make me happy.  I wish I had the ability to create tiny creatures of whimsy like these but I don’t.  What I can do is use them to fire my muse and inspire me to write my own stories in which I can create tiny creatures and bigger ones made from whispers at midnight, of icy moonlight and obsidian shadows, with teeth as sharp as katanas and nails as long and curving as sickles.

And these little guys above are the items I already own from The Filigree.  And they serve as my prompts.  Only in my world they are far bigger and probably scarier.

It’s late, and I have new words to get done.

I remain, as always,

The Liz, She Who Buys Random Stuff

4 thoughts on “The End? Or just the beginning, again?

  1. That’s the real writer’s spirit, Liz – keep going. (And even Dylan Thomas called it ‘This Craft and Sullen Art’, remember.)

    And I love the Filigree stuff…

  2. What an excellent post! As you know, I’ve always thought Grimm was golden and gorgeous but I can see that you’ve really ‘got’ it now, and can’t wait to read it. Go you, and your big girl knickers! And hurrah for random purchases!

  3. Can’t wait to read the new and shiny Grimm. Pull up those knickers girl and write your socks off.

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