Dear me! It’s been a busy start to 2012 and I think it’s going to be a pretty damn exciting year.

First up, my name in print from the Undiscovered Voices anthology – an honourable mention:

So grown up!

It really is thrilling and I can’t wait to hear some superb news from the honourary mentions and those in the anthology.  I’ve had the chance to speak to a few editors since the UV antho went out and I know they are all looking forward to reading the extracts and speaking to the writers.

The start of the year has seen the first SCBWI event – Editor’s Night at the Bullfrog near Charing Cross.  Caroline Hooton (or The Hooton as I call her) has written a superb write-up about it and it’s the above link.  Really one of the best panels I’ve been to and also really nice to see so many SCBWI peeps in attendance with a lot of interesting questions.

It’s also been exciting to see Amanda Rutter’s first aquisitions as commissioning editor for Strange Chemistry – am very proud of her, both as a friend and on a professional basis.  Amanda has followed her dream – a massive step – and remains an inspiration to me.

I attended the Chickenhouse breakfast on Friday past and as usual, it was a superb event hosted by Barry Cunningham and his team.  They have a new crop of writers out this year and new titles from existing authors, and I’m genuinely excited about them all.  I just have to somehow make sure I make time to read the titles I want to get to!

Chicken House Titles

Similarly, Saturday was the Random House Bloggers Brunch and the editorial team and publicity girls blew us away with a fabulous presentation packed full of great titles coming from them this year.  Got to meet a personal hero of mine: Bali Rai.  He is genuinely lovely and so down to earth and deeply funny.  I’m particularly excited about his upcoming new book from them this year – the cover looks gorgeous!

These are some of the books that came in on Saturday:

Variety of bought & review titles


Similarly, some of these are titles I picked up on the brunch at RHCB.  Starters looks very good as does The Brides of Rollrock Island.  The cover is also too lovely for words.

Bayou Moon and Fate’s Edge – I bought in from Forbidden Planet after a flying visit.  I’ve only recently discovered Ilona Andrews thanks to a tweet by Kaz Mahoney.  She mentioned On The Edge’s superb world-building and as that is something I’m working on at the moment, I picked up a copy of it and fell so hard for Ilona Andrews’ characters and world, my bones are still sore! I’m currently reading Bayou Moon, which is the second book in the Edge series and it is as much fun as the first one.  Although Rose, Declan, Georgie and especially Jack have stolen my heart; I get tears in my eyes thinking of the scene between Jack and William (with William being one of the MC’s in Bayou Moon) when Jack shows him his room and William sees how loved Jack is.  Man, no one whose not read the book will know what I’m on about, but it is just superb writing.  *nips a tear*

Sunday saw us walking for miles and miles around London and taking photos.  I had a superb time and Mark was a great tour-guide. Here are some arty photos I took with my Hipstamatic app on my iphone.

Tower Bridge
St Michael at St Michael's on Cornhill
Temple Church


The big plan for 2012 for me as aspiring writer: rewrite Grimm into first person (which I’m loving) and then revising it a couple of kazillion times and sending it out to agents.  Also re-read Curse of the Djinn and rewrite that as I’ve had some invaluable feedback which completely gelled.  So, a lot of writing and reading and hopefully one or two creative projects if I can get my mind around it.

Mark and I are attending the London Super Comic Con at the end of February and also Black Library Live in March.  I’ll be spending time at the SCBWI writers retreat in May and I think there is another Black Library event in November which I’m hoping to go to, as well as the SCBWI conference.  I am praying that these two events do not clash!

It’s a busy year, full of amazing things.  And words.  Lots of words.  Is that ever a Bad Thing?

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