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Mark and I are both on a very strict diet – but that has not stopped us from becoming slaves to the food channel and in particular to Nigel Slater and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s shows, whom we’ve liked a lot in the past, but sort of now have come to appreciate them more fully.  I don’t know why, okay?  Bear with me.  There is a skewed logic to this post.

What I love about Hugh and Nigel is their passion for their subject – for the food, the preparation, the growing and cultivation of good ingredients.  They make making food an event, something cool to do, something fun to do.

And it is incredibly inspiring. 

It is inspiring on a foodie level – face it, there is a reason I am a rotund little piglet – but also on a creative level.  They take ingredients and with care and dilligence they do “magic” and the result is something delicious and masterful.

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And I think that is the same with writing.  I know a lot of writers, some are friends, some I admire greatly from a distance and have the opportunity to talk to them on Twitter or interview them over at MFB and I have to say, you watch them create this bit of magic with nothing else but a few books for research here and there, their hands, a notebook or a keyboard and their minds and it makes you stand in awe a little.

So far I’ve managed to do this successfully twice – and the feeling is incredible.  Now I’m having “down time” to do research and work up ideas for the next meal aka book I’d like to work on.  And the same breathless feeling of anticipation is there in this planning stage for me, as deciding to have friends over for a lovely sit down lunch or dinner.  What will I make? How will the food compliment each other?  What shall I serve as the starter and what wine? 

It’s a bit random, but it does work for me.  So thank you, Hugh and Nigel, for not just being foodies and making me want to make gorgeous scrummy meals to share with friends, but also for whetting creative appetities and for making me think about writing and planning meals as exactly the same thing.

I’ll take two of those leek and onion pies now, thank you.

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  1. What a lovely post. I love watching Nigel cook, like you say his passion comes across so well. I’ve never watched a single programme of Hugh’s, I shall get onto 4oD and give him a go.

    I love the comparison you draw between food and writing, I think you’re very right.

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