I wrote this blogpost and completely forgot to set it “live”.  Sigh.  Where is my head?

Wow, what a fab weekend.  Mark and I trained it up to Leeds and it all went so well.  Got to write and edit for just over 2 hours, so that was superb.  Also, first class travel was super.  It basically meant no screaming babies and people streaming past and landing on your work as the train rocketed along.

We booked ourselves in to our hotel nice and early then headed off to the Armouries.


What a fascinating place! We walked around for a good couple of hours and watched a samurai display which was hugely interesting.  I took copious photos and wrote down some story ideas.  We had a quick snack and then I bowed out to go and crash for a few hours as I felt a bit like I was getting a headcold.  And probably just needed the sleep.

Mark completed the rest of the museum on his own and also visited The Travelling Man and OK comic shops – waves – before we headed into Leeds for dinner.  We hit The Cattle Grid – gorgeous steak and ribs and scrummy chips – before going off to the pre-launch party for Thoughtbubble at the Marriott.

I got to chat to the superbly lovely Ian Edginton about comics and writing for younger readers and we discovered that we both adore Philip Reeve.  He introduced us to a chap called Matt and it took a few moments for us to realise it was D’Isreali himself we were standing beside!!! Gaah – cue fan-girl squealing moment.  I curtsied at Mr. D’Isreali and he in turn bowed.  Mark just grinned in adoration.


Saturday was a busy day of standing in queues and getting artwork done.  I met the lovely Jenni aka JuniperJungle and we hung out for several hours walking around looking at artwork and just chatting about books and writing and such.  It was so fab to meet her in real life.  We’ve been talking on Twitter for ages now so it was great to be able to just hang out in real life rather than just electronically.

We waved goodbye to each other at the end of the day and Mark and I headed for a light dinner at Mumtaz and then went to the main Thoughtbubble party where we stayed for a few hours before heading to YumYum deli near our hotel where we are scrummy hot chocolates as a nightcap.

Sunday we waved goodbye to Leeds till 2012 and headed home where another marathon session of writing and editing took up all our time. 

All in all it was a fab weekend.  I got some great artwork from Duncan Fegredo (Hellboy) and other bits and pieces, including the first 3 books in the Jack of Fables spin-off series.  I felt bad that I did not attend any talks this year but honestly, it was fab just being there as a punter and fan-girl.