Snapshot of GoodReads shelves

Is sometimes the easiest thing to do.

I’m talking about GoodReads.  I’ve eventually signed up for it.  Not just to add MFB reviews, but also to get MORE reccommendations and to read other reviews and be alerted to upcoming titles I may want to pop over onto my Amazon wishlist.  So if you haven’t already, be sure to find me on there, I am MFBLiz.

I feel a bit like I’ve come home, but also a bit like I should have done this a long long time ago.  I think that I’ll create a 2012 shelf and add the books I receive from publishers onto that so MFB can keep track of what’s come in.  It would be very interesting.  This of course means I will have to check books I’ve already received for next year.  It is exciting and scary.  Which seems to be my mantra these days: exciting but scary.  *pretends to be mysteriously mysterious*


I get to geek at Duncan Fegredo this weekend.  Who? I hear you ask.  Well, Duncan Fegredo is a graphic novel artist whose work I love.  I am a big Hellboy fan, as you know, Bob, and at this coming weekend’s Thoughtbubble festival, Duncan will be in attendance.  He is one of the Hellboy artists but has also done a great deal of other great covers and artwork.  But Hellboy and Lucifer by Mike Carey has to be my all-time fave covers by him.

Lucifer Graphic Novel, art by Duncan Fegredo

And what makes it cooler still is that Mike Carey will be there too.  His graphic novels The Unwritten are very close to my heart and I recommend them highly.  In fact, if you’re not a graphic novels fan, do check out his Felix Castor books, published here in the UK by Orbit, an imprint of Little, Brown. 

Mike had been a writer on the Hellblazer/John Constantine graphic novel books for a while and then decided to play around with writing a full-on novel.  He set about creating a modern day exorcist and out came Felix Castor.  It’s very much London in the now or the near future and weird things are out and about.  Full of many layers and great mythology, Mike’s Fix Castor novels are my lost island books choice.  That and the Illiad.  Be sure to check them out if you can.  His last book’s ending made me swear, out loud, on the train.  I could not believe he had the guts to do what he did.  That Mike is a clever guy and devious.  I like it.

2 thoughts on “Succumbing

  1. Glad to see you made the leap. I have had to write a month by month list of the books coming out next year and when they need to be read why and whether I asked for them or not, adding a P for priority. I feel calmer about my book load now.

  2. I’ve read the first volume of The Unwritten and liked it very much. I shall add the Felix Castor books to my “recommended by Liz” section of my wishlist!

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