So everyone in the world seems to know and realise I am a fan about Moleskine notebooks.  And by “fan” I mean stupidly obsessed about them.  I have a LOT of them at home, all unused and most pristine without even being taken from their cellophane! As it stands, I have four of them in my bag, at the moment.  (All in the process of being used too.)

Speaking of bags.  I am sure others are the same.  I am always on the lookout for the bag.  The bag that is stylish and lovely that I can fit everything in.  And by everything I mean:

  • at LEAST four moleskines – large
  • at least one paperback novel
  • the kindle
  • my phone(s) & earphones
  • my various tickets and passes for everyday life to get to work / home
  • keys
  • make-up bag
  • small umbrella
  • laptop
  • sundries

I initially thought I had found this bag in the shape of the the Kath Kidston box bag.  Turns out, I was around 95% correct. 

My obsessive “bagging” of moleskines was creating a problem – I had issues with the zip.  Most items fitted, without a problem but because I’ve now started placing my moleskines and pens into a clear zip bag, they no longer fitted into the box bag.  So I ended up buying a messenger bag instead.

And guess what?  The pockets on both the inside and the outside of the messenger bag, fits my moleskines and kindle! That’s a bit of a result, right?

My only issue with this bag is that it doesn’t have a zip at the top but a magnetic button – this makes me feel a bit unsafe.  Any person can dip their hand in and nab my book or umbrella!

The New Bag

I know, the things I obsess about.

The other thing I’ve started worrying about is – apart from finishing off tweaking Grimm, of course – is what I should do next?  I have a notebook full of ideas where they are only that: ideas.  A core concept or a cool character or sometimes just a description of something.  I’ve also got several partial bits that I’ve written in the past. My crit buddies are all keen to see more of one specific partial they’ve read, roughly called “Pink Girl” which is something completely new for me – contemporary every day with no hint of supernatural shananigans.  Well, not yet.  No dragons, fae, ghosts, werewolves, nothing.  And it feels weird.  But fun. Also, no guns, no swords, no knives.  Instead there may be surfboards, boogie boards, sand and sea.  And rock music.  *head bangs to imaginary playlist* 

And of course, the word on everyone else’s lips: Nanowrimo.  Can I afford to be obsessed about something else? Thinking about Nano gives me shivers.  There is a great zeitgeist to Nano but with how busy work is at the moment, everything that’s happening re Undiscovered Voices, do I want to fling myself into trying to write 50k in a month?  I’ve done it in the past.  But I didn’t enjoy it – it felt like work.  So I think this year, whilst I will be writing during November and Nanowrimo, I will mostly do my own thing.

I am sure that by the end of the week I’ll have something else to obsess about.  Because that’s how I roll, yo.

2 thoughts on “Weird things to obsess about

  1. Hmm…I’m not sure that these are weird things to obsess about. I’m pretty sure it’s quite necessary and important – but maybe that says more about me!

  2. Like Bethany I think these are all very sensible and logical things to obsess about!

    I love your new bag and how practical it is (and country living me would be okay with the fastening, but I can understand your concern with it). I like as well that the strap looks as though it could be long enough to be carried cross-body.

    I’m starting to feel mildly panicky about NaNo, mainly too ‘cos I’m not sure what idea to go with. I’m putting my WIP to one side (have some issues with it and am hoping time and ignoring will help) so I have a heap of very basic ideas and no idea which one to try and go with.

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