In my daily wanderings I always come across some utterly cool articles and comments by people I follow on Twitter and via my RSS feed.  And I really should make more work of it to pass along bits of cool things I find on my site and not just on Twitter.

2012 will be a busy year for reading and writing.  Reading wise I am already thinking ahead for MFB and for my personal reading and I’m thinking I want to do something like a Retro Wednesday once a month.

Retro Wednesday/oranyotherdayoftheweek will be a book review on an older (older than 2 years) book which I have loved and recently re-read.    So as part of this I’ve bought up copies of books I now no longer have – books by authors like Alice Borchardt, Juliet Marillier, Terry Brooks, Alice Hoffman and others.  These will go onto a bookshelf I hope to be able to call my “retro” reading shelf. 

I also want to read more fantasy- not just adults but fantasy for kids too.  It is one of my big loves and yet I find myself not reading it.  I have no reason not to.  I am after all my own boss…right?!

I also found some very interesting articles I’d like to share:

1.  An interview with Alice Hoffman – I wonder how many people know that she wrote Practical Magic? I loved the book, long before seeing the movie.  And I may be ostracized for this, but I really do like the movie too. 

2.  Over at the Shrinking Violet Promotions website, is this article about writing for Middle Grade.  As it is a US based blog, they use US references but it is still a very good article and something to keep in mind.

3.  Over at The Yale Center For Dyslexia & Creativity webiste, Kyle Redford wrote this deeply interesting article about her son’s dyslexia and how his summer tutor opened her eyes to new ways of introducing reluctant readers to great books they will enjoy.  As a teacher this was invaluable and I just love the glowy hope and happiness in this article.

4.  Over at Trapped by Monsters, Mark Robson writes up all the cool things he found reading Tommy Donbavand’s novella WOLF, published by Barrington Stoke.  I have a copy of it as well and cannot wait to sink my teeth into it….getit? Teeth..sink into it? Oh, nevermind.

5.  Over at Cupcakes for Clara, the girls get busy with some salt dough.  I sometimes regret not being a child…or breaking out of my creative inhibitions and doing something like this.

As you can tell, my day and online wanderings are really truly random. 

This weekend sees me going off to meet bessie mate Sarah Bryars and newer hanging out friend Caroline S at Foyles for the Anne Rice signing at Foyles.  Anne Rice influenced my reading taste as a younger person and I can’t ever thank her enough.  I’m not even talking about Lestat, I never read her vampire books, instead I focussed on the books at the witches and demons and fallen angels and of course, Rameses the undead.  Biggest. Lit. Crush. Ever. 

After that Sarah, her hubby along with Mark and I, are heading to Madame Tussauds to help them celebrate their 250th anniversary! There will be photos and shenanigans. Oh, let me be clear – Madame Tussauds’ anniversary not Sarah and her husband’s 250th anniversary because that would be a bit weird.

Sunday – crazy dancing – will be editing day and also movie day and we are hoping  to go and watch the new steampunkish The 3 Musketeers.  I suspect it will be a bit rubbish but I am a ridiculously huge Dumas fan so I have to go and watch it.  And cry about it afterwards.  However! I may be surprised – pleasantly, I hope.

Also, I am having the mop of random curls sticking out of my head cut off into a manageable shorter hairstyle.  I suspect I’ll regret it, but it has to be done.  *bites the bullet*

3 thoughts on “Some random things I have thought about today

  1. Hurrah for all of these things! So excited about Anne Rice and Mme T. *gasps at thought of 250th anniversary*

  2. Fab post, I shall check out those links 🙂 I love the sound of your retro reviews – great idea!

    I’m the opposite way round to you when it comes to Anne Rice, I read all of the vampire books but have never read any of her others.

  3. I still have to find an Alice Hoffman book that I love. Sigh. I want to love her but it is a struggle. Let us hope Practical Magic is the one.

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