that is actually the short list…

A great swathe of SCBWI British Isles members were watching the internet in panic this morning as the chosen UV list was due to be announced.  I know, I checked at half past six this morning, over breakfast!

And then news broke on Twitter.  And it is fantastic news – I have been shortlisted.  As Mark explains it – the 25 on the UV list aren’t really the longlisters as from these the winning twelve will be announced in December.  So, it makes sense to call ourselves the shortlisters instead.  So I’ll go for that.

But yes, wow.  What a rush.

I can’t explain it in words, so I thought I’d show it in pictures.

All these emotions in such a short space of time. Needless to say, I am no use to man or beast today. Unfortunately boss-man decided to return from his weekend away today, instead of tomorrow, and this of course means that I will have to clamp down on fear/sadness/worry/relief/happiness/more fear/ until the end of today and then go home and knock back a stiff Twinings Everyday tea.

In the meantime, I am very zen in the “no mind” kind of way.  Which really isn’t a good thing.

Sara Grant, co-organisor and editor of the Undiscovered Voices wrote this incredible piece on the SCBWI yahoo group to try and help everyone feeling the fear and doub and self-doubt.  Here is a tiny extract that raised my spirits and made me come over all emo.

I know the waiting is hard and soon everyone will know the Undiscovered Voices long list. Over the past six years this process has taught me that publication takes talent and creativity, sure. But it also takes luck and timing. You have to submit the right manuscript to the right people at the right time. If your name isn’t on that long list, don’t get discouraged. Many talented writers, who have submitted to previous Undiscovered Voices anthologies, are now published — sometimes with the piece they submitted. And many SCBWI writers have found publishing opportunities without the assistance of this project.

Follow this link through to the official announcement from UV for the writers and  illustrators.  I wish my fellow listed aspiring writers and artists the best of luck.  I am proud to be part of such a strong list.  Even if we don’t go on to be in the anthology, we have done gorram great.


Rosie Best, Jan Carr, Veronica Cossanteli, Liz de Jager, Julienne Durber, Sandra Greaves, Jane Hardstaff, Deborah Hewitt, Jennifer Hicks, David Hofmeyr & Zoe Crookes, Sharon Jones, Rachel J. Latham, Maureen Lynas, Michael Marett-Crosby, Richard Masson, Stephanie McGregor, Anne Mitchell, Chantel Marie Napier, Sally-Jayne Poyton, Melissa Rogerson, Joanna Sargent, Lara Williamson, Rachel Wolfreys, and Jo Wyton.


Kim Geyer, Jennifer Graham, Julia Groves, Amber Hsu, Heather Kilgour, Shana Nieburg-Suschitzky, Nicola Patten, and Rachel Quarry.

  Three cheers for Team SCBWI BI.