This is my big question for the past few days.  What is it about the weather changing that makes me want to do craft things?  Now that we are experiencing, not just grey dull days, but also colder days, my mind is turning to making things. 

I used to be a very creative child.  I used to draw, and knit and make clothes for my dolls and creatures.  I made faces for my mum to carve and sculpt.  Yet now, the most creative I get is drawing a doodle for a story and then realising I have totally ripped off Shaun Tan’s Eric.  I am not counting writing as part of this creativity, by the way.  I know I should, but in this instance I am focussing on CRAFT things. 

Things to make with my hands.

In fact, hubby Mark started it off this week by making quince preserve.  As well as making sloe gin the week before.  And I’m sitting there thinking…what the hell? He’s getting all creative, why can’t I?

And yesterday, I was chatting to @cupcakes4clara on Twitter and followed a link of hers to her existing gorgeous and more-ish website and subsequently fell in love: 

Isn’t she lovely?  I like the bit of geekiness I can sense in this doll. 

I am very keen to take up knitting again.  I used to knit too when I was little and was incredibly adventurous, designing my own patters and making pretty clothes for my orange teddy I had.  Also, my dolls and my sister’s dolls all wore the outfits I made for them.  My family was convinced I would become a designer.  Then I grew older, discovered I liked words more, and completely stopped drawing and making things.

It annoys me a little, to be honest.  So this year I’ll definitely be taking up something.  For sure.  Also, what has been inspiring me is an Etsy shop called Filligree.  I have showed some of their monsters on here before.

I love his enquiring gaze!


Skydancer - I bought this one

I honestly would love every single creature and dragon they make.  Find their webiste and their etsy shop details here and here.

I particularly fretted over the following design Martin and Celine created.  I desperately wanted it but it was far too expensive for me.  I just loved this and it made my heart soar and I wanted to write stories about them.

Magic Carpet Ride

My dream at the moment is try and create something as cutely mythical and odd as these creatures Michael and Celine fashion. In fact, I have a kit to make a tiny doll, so I’ll start with that first, I think.  It has instructions.  I am good with instructions.

2 thoughts on “What is it about the weather?

  1. Great post! I love this time of year from a creative point of view because September means it’s time to order my Christmas card cross stitch patterns or kits and get stitching 🙂

    I love The Filigree, their stuff is beautiful.

  2. Go with your creative urge! You won’t regret it. I tried to take up crocheting but found I was easily distracted. I used to do lots of scrapbooking too, which I hope to get back to some day soon.

    I think it is definitely something to do with the weather and the darkening evenings that makes you want to create something. Almost in preparation for the winter, like our ancestors would have. Perhaps it is inbred!

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