Last night I hosted this year’s SCBWI British Isles Agents Party at the Theodore Bullfrog pub in London.

By all accounts it was a success.  The agents who agreed to attend the evening were incredible and did an amazing job at keeping all the SCBWI members spirits flying high.  Next year I think we will do our utmost to have more illustrator friendly agents in attendance as that is the only criticism I  had heard.  It was also incredibly hot – with this mini-heatwave we are experiencing packing around 100 people into a room took some doing.  But even so, I saw so many smiles and nods of appreciation whilst the agents were chatting, my heart soared a little bit.

Also, the staff at the Bullfrog were superb, as always.  I over catered too, as usual, which was annoying but like my mum always said, rather too much than too little.

Today, I got the day off work and am so pleased that I did.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a godawful migraine and by the time I woke up again this morning, it had firmly settled.  Big events like this do it to me – I don’t know if its a combination of lots of talking, not hydrating enough and all the excitement in general, but I am usually wiped out in such a diva-fashion, it is embarrassing.  So I spent most of the morning in true diva-fashion on the couch, having utterly surreal dreams.  I blame the syndol.

And to make matters worse – again with the super heat outside.  And our door has decided that it refuses to be locked from the outside, which means I have a super anxious Jack Russell who hates me right now as he can’t go for his walk in the park.

However, all that aside, the party was a success, Benjamin our ARA did really well handling the Q&A and the bill at the end of the night did not break the bank.  Phew!

And today I heard from the person whom I had approached about the Slush Pile challenge I’ll be hosting for the next year, and it is full steam ahead for that and her challenge just sounds like such awesome fun, I can’t wait to share it with our SCBWI members.  And yes, it is a SCBWI members only challenge.  Another good reason to join the society.

I’m about to head back to the couch with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by le Carre for some reading.  I doubt I will get far as the syndol really just wipes my mind of coherent thought.  I’m surprised I even managed to write this blogpost!

For those who couldn’t make the Agents Party last night, or who is maybe just interested to see what it was all about, Jeannette Towey wrote a great write-up over at her blog – –

3 thoughts on “Post Agents Party Blues

  1. Thanks for the plug Liz and what a brilliant job you did. So sorry to hear about the migraine. I have that problem if I don’t hydrate enough under stress too. And great news about the slush pile challenge. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Chin up


  2. Oh poor you! I hope the cooler evening brought you relief – it was a smashing evening and a great panel! I was struck by how much things have changed since the first Agent’s Party I attended when they were still specifying double spacing and things like that. Well done and thank you. We supplemented Jeannette’s notes with our own photo story of the evening over at Notes from the Slushpile

  3. Yep, Liz should have said this before
    This was a whizz of an event, organised so well I couldn’t see the joins.
    I came away having met some great people and gathered some great advice
    Thank You :o))))))

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