..that I am a big Guilermo del Toro fan. 

Last week I was feeling poor and sorry for myself, having hurt my back and not being able to move well.  This meant of course indulging in doing very little and thankfully, even at work, things were quiet.

However, Twitter is always a buzz with excitement.  I popped in on one day and saw this person having twitpicced a cover of a book they saw.  I enlarged the picture and swooned.

I had to have the book pictured.  I broke my book buying embargo and I will tell you, it was sweet.

But sweeter still was the taking delivery of the books.  I bought two – one for me and for my friend, Sarah Bryars – as I knew I wouldn’t not be able to lend it out to anyone.  Or let anyone else even touch it.

Dust jacket on (left) actual pic of front cover (hardback - no dust jacket)

The book in question is this beauty: 

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Blackwood’s Guide to Dangerous Fairies

An original tale from the world of the upcoming film “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”.

Guilermo del Toro, Christopher Golden, Troy Nixey (illustrator) 

Here are some photos of the interior of the book.  It is superb.

Back Cover of the Hardback


Front cover of hardback
First page with deets


When I ordered my copies, Amazon did not have any in stock, but Book Depository did.  So, hie yourselves over there and order one!

3 thoughts on “It is no secret…

  1. As Jenni said, that’s definitely some filthy dirty smut right there, titilating my eyes with its delicious-yet-out-of-reach delights… I can’t define book porn, but I know it when I see it.


  2. Ah yes. It IS gorgeous isn’t it? In a completely creepy way of course but intriguing nonetheless. Seeing the book in store is what actually made me curious about the movie (which was GOOD) …definitely gonna check this one out further. ^_^

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