For World Book Day later this week I’ll be visiting a local school to to talk to three different classes of Year 6 pupils.

Apart from the obvious abject terror gripping my heart, I’m really looking forward to the day.  I get to talk to them about writing and creating characters and where ideas come from.  Having been asked to do this, has really made me evaluate my own writing and I’ve been talking to various authors extensively about writing processes.

I realise that my life seems to be turning in tighter spirals around writing.  I am worried that I am going through life not really paying attention to anything else.  And it worries me a bit.  But I suppose it could be FAR worse – I could not be thinking about writing at all.

I’ve created a brand new website called Beholder Photography to try and remind myself to look up from my books I’m reading as well my writing and crowd-sourcing whilst commuting.  The website will hopefully be updated each day with at least one photo from our existing cache of photos or from new photos taken on the day.

What can I say? I’m snap-happy!

Find the new photography blog here.

That is all.