I’ve been a bit quiet lately – mostsly I’m obsessing about revising and chopping and changing things.  But don’t let this fool you thinking I’ve done a vast many things.  I have done all of two chapters.  Part of it was a rewrite.  But mostly, it is deep thinking.  About my writing and own creativity.  I don’t know if it’s just spring being in the air, but I have this incredible urge to create something by hand.  And writing isn’t that thing I want to create.

I think it’s been brought on by visiting Folksy as well as Etsy.  I LOVE seeing all these beautiful items these creative people are making – jewellery, bags, clothes, household items.  I bought a shedload of items, but in particular I am hugely excited about this lovely ring:


Isn’t it lovely?  I sent Sarah my details and am awaiting the little gem.  I’ll be sure to be back here bragging about it.

This is a bit about the designer and jeweller:

A little reindeer forest spirit design cut out by hand using a tiny saw blade in a 10 mm sterling silver disc.

This ring is made to order so please let me know your ring size in the message to seller box upon purchasing. Also, please note that because each deer is cut out by hand the design will vary slightly, especially the antlers!

I was inspired to make this ring because of my love of the forest spirit in Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

I fell in love with the tiny deer and just couldn’t resist.  Do find her Folksy site here.  The jewellery is so lovely and whimsical, I wish her all the best.

Next up I indugled in some more retail therapy (see what happens when I can’t buy books?) and induldged in some moleskine love – decorated moleskine love:

Again – just a wonderful item.  I bought two of them as I know I won’t be able to keep them to myself.  I also bought another one from the shop “Fresh ‘n Funky Cards” but that one will have to remain a sekrit as I promised that one to Kaz Mahoney when we next meet up.

I have also been inspired – hugely, massively – by the amazing Terri Windling and her ongoing “On Your Desk” series of posts.   She’s asked writerly and arty friends and other creative types to write in with pictures of their working spaces.  I love seeing other people’s work spaces.  To me it is akin to glimpsing Narnia, where the magic happens.  The desk below belongs to Robin Berk (8 years old), who is the crazy-talented Ari Berk’s son.  This is Ari’s link to his website – www.ariberk.com .

I feela  particuar kinship with this blogpost that went up yesterday / today.  It just goes to show how small a world it is.  First the link and then the picture that made me smile:

This is part of the excerpt to accompany this picture:

 “Well, I like to draw at my desk, that’s what it’s basically for. I like to draw fantasy pictures, science pictures, and science fiction pictures. Some of the pictures come from things I read, or stories I hear, like myths and legends.”

“On my desk right now is a black hole picture; a comic book I am working on; a wand from my friend John Vickery who lives on Dartmoor; a three-eyed green monster I drew and cut out; lots of drawing supplies like pencils, markers, glue sticks, a stapler; and lots of paper. My desk is located in a corner of my dad’s study, right in front of his desk [featured in this “On Your Desk” post on December 14th]. It’s nice that our desks are facing each other because we can look at each other while we’re writing or drawing.”

The reason I’m smiling in a proud fashion is this: John Vickery, whom he mentions, the guy who made the wand and who lives on Dartmoor is a friend.  I met John many years ago, through a pagan community website that I belonged to but have distanced myself from when things became a bit too weird.

John and I got on really well and we had some tremendous email conversations.  Mark and I visited him and his wife several times in the past at his cottage and I fell in love with his workshop.  I asked John to make me several items.  To this day, my wands from John, along with my hand-carved wooden athame and set of runes, are some of my most valuable and treasured possessions.

 This is my Yew Wand John made me.  I still have a note that goes with it:

This one is made from yew – an unusual choice, John tells me – as he usually uses holly for the unicorn twist. It has a hidden compartment for crystals or herbs.

Sadly, as far as I know, John no longer makes these gorgeous items, but I do know that these treasures mean a lot to those of us who had the chance to get them from the “source”. 

I think, the thing about hand-made items is that they are so tactile.  I love playing with my runes John carved for me.  I don’t even do readings with them, I just love handling them.  The same with my wands and my athame.   Added to the fact that I know these were made for me, by a very talented crafts person, puts their value above estimation.

Yes, so you see from all of the above, why I’m feeling the need to make something with my hands.  I may have to resort to baking to get the itching to stop. 

I have yet again been considering – seriously – doing a class in bookbinding but honestly, these cost SO much and although – in theory – I think I will be able to make back the outlay on course, I still can’t justify it.  Not when we’re battening down the hatches to seriously save up for a place of our own.

Oh, for a decent sized lottery win, you know?  Either that or a mahusive bookdeal.  Oh, speaking of which, maybe I should get my itchy hands into the manuscript and see what comes of it, eh?

Thanks for popping by to look at all the shiny things.

PS: Today makes it Day 47 of going cold turkey on book-buying.  I came this close to wavering yesterday as I went into Waterstone’s for the first time since I made my resolution.  It was a close ugly scary thing, but I walked out without a single thing.  All I’m focussing on is my massive blowout at the end of the year.

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  1. The stuff is OH so pretty. *siiiiiiiighs*

    Congrats on 47 days without books. Yay. 😀 I’m sure you can’t wait for the reward. *gg*

    Also, the Folksy site link doesn’t work. 🙁

  2. Argh! that’s annoying – I’ll go back and fix it. 😀

    And thanks. Dude, my wishlist is longer than my arm. The blowout it going to be immense. Mark is threatening to force me to blow it all in ONE go.

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