This advert made me laugh and also worry ceaselessly about my main character in Grimm.

Advert for God’s War

Clever marketing but at the risk of alienating the intended audience, maybe a bit too bolshy?


Having the past few days off to recharge is amazing.  I’ve read so many books including an amazing new book by Jana Oliver called Demon Trappers: Forsaken. I loved it with all my tiny soul – reminiscent of Lili St Crow mixed with some world mythology akin to Supernatural, Demon Trappers is a YA novel with an cool new heroine (Riley) set in the near future where things have gone more than just a bit pear-shaped.  For more, have a look at Ms. Oliver’s here. I’ll be reviewing it later this month on MFB.

Movies we watched are:

How to Train Your Dragon – absolutely amazing, especially in blu-ray.  Visually stunning but a super cute story too.  I read and reviewed the book which I wasn’t a fan of but the movie was just great.

Karate Kid – loved the original but completely prefer the new one.  Young master Jaden Smith really has more acting chops than a lot of adult actors.  Also, Jackie Chan is amazing as his Kung Fu teacher, Mr. Han – a lot of pathos there.

Centurion – only reason to watch this is Michael Fassbender who is really a pretty piece of work.  Also, the scenery is amazing.  Centurion deals with the disappearance of the Ninth Roman Legion in the lands of the Picts. I think it works well as a precursor for the upcoming The Eagle which I’m very excited about seeing.  This is the link to the trailer: – it stars Jamie Bell, Channing Tatum, Donald Sutherland and a big favourite of mine: Mark Strong, among others.

Other books I’ve read is Kaz Mahoney’s The Iron Witch.  Now Kaz and I have been friends for a few years now and I was worried about not liking The Iron Witch but honestly, hand on heart, I am so proud of her because this book completely rocked my socks.  It is so great – packed full of mythology and lore with several mysteries at its heart, as well as a quest, it is also very well written.  Importantly it has a strong voice and Donna, the main character, is someone the readers can identify with.  I read it in one sitting and although I know authors hate it when they see this, but I am genuinely looking forward to the upcoming companion novel The Wood Queen.  Sarah and I will be doing a joint-review of The Iron Witch on MFB later this month.  I’ve already pre-ordered a completed copy from Amazon.

I’m currently reading Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar which is a steampunk affair written by Clay and Susan Griffith.  I was lucky enough to receive a copy from PYR.  Within the first few pages things are set up and we are tossed into the action and fray.  A great beginning and I’m around 60 pages into it and find myself reaching over to just read a few more words.

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