Once upon a time I wrote short stories.  I loved writing short form fiction.  I belonged to an online livejournal group called MuseMuggers and we had to write bits on a pretty regular basis.  I found that my confidence grew and I enjoyed myself.  I found that most of my writing turned quite dark and a bit emo and a bit gothic.  Completely unlike my usual voice when trying to write longer fiction.  It was a surprise.

So this weekend I decided to polish up a short story I wrote some time ago and to submit it to a short story competition.  I mentioned this on Twitter and had amazing messages of support.  I did not expect it but you know, I took it.

It’s quite frightening really – sending off a short story in for a competition or even a novel length story in for a competition.  I mean, it’s not like you know any of the people doing the readings and the judging.  They don’t have to be nice to you.  But having said that, it is all a bit anonymous in its entirety and your fiction has to stand on its own two feet.

I don’t know if I’ll get anywhere with this competition.  Who knows?! But I loved revising the short story and I realised that writing in a different voice is so much fun.  And also hard work.

So, a few more readings and some feedback to be incorporated before sending it off, thankfully via email!  Phew.