Before we had the car we were all over London almost every week.  But since we’ve settled down in the ‘burbs and bought a little car for trips all over the country and such, we’ve not really played tourist that much in this beautiful city of ours.  It’s a bit sad as there is so much to see and experience.

Today though, we headed for South Kensington to the Natural History Museum.  We have been in many years and we thought it would be a great day out.

It was.  I felt like a small child.  It was great – got to ooh and aah over the dinosaurs and the arachnids and wow, we got to go and see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 finalists and winners.  It was amazing – such talent on behalf of the photographers but also a tremendous reminder of how much beauty there is around us.  The one highly recommended photo is by a young person under 16, who took a photo of a frog leaping, on his patio and I have to say, it is such a wonderful shot.  I do however have my own favourite which is this one:

This is the link to the site of the winning photos.  Just go and look at them online.  Magic is till out there.  We just need to know where to look and how to look.

We were in the NHM for maybe four hours, if not more.  We eventually left and did a quick detour to the V&A where I got to photograph my favourite things in all the world, their netsuke collection.  I have several of my own, some bought from Greenwich market and some bought online.  I only ever wear two of them though – they are both demon faces which I love.  They are fierce snarling creatures of protection and I tend to grab them on days I’m feeling a bit less positive about things.

Here are some photos from today – (click each one to embiggen)

We had an amazing day – and we got home just before four and the most amazing thing: the sun was still up…or rather, it was setting.  Which means, we are heading towards spring and summer.  I cannot wait!