October has come and gone.  It’s been one of the busiest months I’ve ever experienced.  I was out for the majority of the evenings after work for some sort of writing / publishing / book event and have taken in excess of around 500 photos as these various events.  Of course, I must learn to say “no” when I receive invites but I have to frank here and say that being invited to these events as a reviewer and blogger is incredibly flattering but also very cool.

I get to meet a great many new and existing authors.  I get to support them and gush at them and their publicity people.  These events are great for networking and getting to know so many industry people.

But, for me, as an aspiring writer it is important because events like these are so encouraging.  Going to signings I invariably come away with a buzz and the need to get back to the old WIP.  There is nothing more encouraging than hanging out with a newly published author and finding out how their hard work had accumulated into a finished product.  Is there ever a prettier thing than a stunning finished book, hot off the press?

Apart from being an incredibly tiring month, October has been a month crammed to the rafters full of inspiration.  November should be quieter which means opportunity to write.  Because, between me, and Mark and Sarah, we’ve sort of decided that 25th December is THE date to get our respective projects done by.  None of us want to go into the New Year working on our existing manuscripts, in the sense that we are still writing on them.  We want to go into the New Year with our existing manuscripts completed, at first draft level, ready to be torn apart, hugged and loved and remade and taffy-pulled into shape.  And then do it a few more times.

So, I’m relying on my heavy buzz from October to get me through the next few weeks.

And no, I’m not doing nanowrimo this year, my first year in about five that I’m sitting out but I genuinely think that the overall buzz will work for all aspiring writers trying to get projects done this November.  Good luck to everyone – 2010 has been an amazing year, lets all end it on a positive, buzzy, high note with completed projects.