A few weeks ago, I was passing by this “new” shop in Covent Garden when I noticed something.  The majority of the items they had for sale in the window was somehow related to fairy tales.  This made me an exceedingly happy person.  I resolved to pop back after getting some books signed at Forbidden Planet.

I duly stopped by and lo and behold, there was something for me.  My current WIP is heavily influenced by Hansel & Gretel from the Brothers Grimm.  And there, in his little cage, was Hansel.  It was a gorgeous brooch and I closed my eyes, handed over my plastic and bought it.

I believe that the ‘Verse really does show up in some instances like this to nudge you forward.  I’ve yet to wear the brooch but it is a gorgeous piece. 

I got chatting to the shop assistant who was friendly and sweet and very charming and explained to her why I’m buying the brooch.  I filled in one of their little newsletter forms and I asked if I could perhaps take photos of some of the items on display.  She didn’t have a problem with that…but then I thought that if they could send me some photos it would show up better and you know what?  They did!

These are all from the Hansel & Gretel collection, as you can see.  However, they have a range of other pieces of jewellery which are even more lovely than these. 

I really feel that my brooch came to me at a time I needed it.  I had a similar experience when I was nearing the completion of Curse of the Djinn.  I was walking through Spitalfields market when I spotted this utterly gorgeous charm, straight out of one of Sherezade’s stories from 1001 Nights.  It was a small delicate silver lamp in the shape of the “usual” genie lamps portrayed in fairy tales and in movies.  Better yet, if you opened up the lid, this tiny little flame / genie could be seen. Naturally I had to have it.  It was like a validation of sorts, pure serendipity, that I should see it on that day, at that time, whilst I was completing Djinn.

I also love how buying personal items like this, you can remember everything about it.  Do pop along to N2’s website and explore it – quirky, funky, over the top and utterly gorgeous items to own. I’ve become a fan, for sure.

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  1. That’s such a great story and wondeful jewellery too. I look forward to seeing the brooch! Did they have one with my Fae knight on horseback?

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