Apologies for the quietness on here – been a busy few weeks.

We are currently in the Dordogne.  We drove from the UK via Eurotunnel.  And we’ve had an amazing time.

It is part a flat-out relaxing and sight-seeing holiday but it is also a writing holiday.  So far it’s been sight-seeing and relaxing, with very little actual writing.

But, having said that, so many ideas are stirring and routes for the WIP to take – it’s just wowsers.  Mostly, it’s because of the area we are in.

We were told the Dordogne is the second most forested area in France.  We became aware of the forest as soon as we cut through Normandy.  Great swathes of thick dark forest undulated with the land.  Here and there, mist clung to the tree tops, perfectly completing the picture of what a forest is like, thanks to watching a lot of Hollywood movies and such.

As we neared the Dordogne, the forests became thicker still, more prevalent.  It made me think.  I love the forest, I love the mystery of it.  I didn’t feel comfortable with it though – I liked it at a distance, but travelling through it, looking up at those branches and swaying treetops, then back down, through those heavy trunks…it made me deeply uncomfortable.  I didn’t like that I couldn’t see all the way through it, I didn’t like that I thought I could see figures moving through it.  I easily imagined dark glittering eyes watching me.  It was not pleasant.

Mark, on the other hand, loved it all.  He loves the forest, feels at home there.  Says it makes him feel like he’s come home.

I think it’s because at heart I’m a big old scaredy cat with too much imagination, always creating things in my head that can snatch and grab and maybe even eat your face off. 

Anyway, so we’ve been here a few days now and we are really lvoing it.  We went for this long boat road yesterday, in the rain, along the river, Dordogne.  It had more atmosphere you could shake a stick at.  Here are some photos I took on my iphone.  All the other photos are on Mark’s laptop.  I’ll be sure to upload more.


It really a very beautiful area – as most of the tourists have gone home, the roads are empty and the places to visit are much quieter.  People are also friendlier, from what I can tell. 

Tomorrow we will be some castles and some caves, even more fodder for the storytelling brain.