Uch, like most writers I’d love to take to the skies and fly to a lovely Greek island and meet up with a bunch of other writerly types, and sit down in the blazing sun and write whilst sipping ice cold drinks and discussing writing with each other and generally being literary.  Or hire a castle and roam the fields and nearby town looking all pensive and deep and moody.

But, let’s face it: it ain’t gonna happen.  Not soon anyway what with Real Life and limited holiday allocations.

So Mark and I have taken a few days extra this upcoming weekend, tagging days on either side, to turn it into a weekend writing retreat for ourselves.  We will no doubt decamp to an amenable coffee shop in Beckenham for some writing or even head out to the Southbank for some writing, to break the routine of sitting in the house and writing. You noticing the writing theme going on here?

We’ll also actually be planning our days and scheduling the writing.  Also, there will be a food plan.  I don’t know about anyone else but our eating habits over weekends are so incredibly vastly bad.  Invariably it’s a lot of cereals for lunch / dinner or no dinner at all, apart from tea and crackers.  We are very directionless when it comes to weekends.  So, will hopefully be able to plot and plan some foodie things to keep us going.

I am also planning rewards for us if we reach goals we’re setting ourselves: chocolates from Montezumas or a movie out at Cineworld or some such.  I need motivation and a rather vague: get the first draft done asap, just doesn’t quite cut it for me.

So, that’s the plan of action for this coming weekend.  I’m hoping to pull this off and walking away with around 10k or more words in the bank.  Please, little muse/fairy godmother / genie, I will be your BFF if you make it so. 


 With thanks to Inkygirl for this utterly awesome cartoon.

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