I have so many authors whose books I will go out of my way to buy – either buying them in from the States or stalk bookshop assistants to order them in for me, because I love them so much.  I don’t care how long it takes them to write that next book, I’m happy to wait till it comes along. 

The list is pretty large and is a mix of UK and British and Australian authors, with some European authors thrown in for good measure.  I won’t bother listing them right now, because mostly this blogpost is to do with a new-to-me author, Diana Wynne Jones.  Okay, so she’s not really new to me, as I’ve seen her books around for a long time, but I’ve never actually read any of them.  I have however seen Howl’s Moving Castle which I loved and had no idea it had been written by her, until a friend told me and I went: duh, Liz.

However, my not-reading DWJ changed recently when we went to Forbidden Planet and I picked up a copy of Enchanted Glass, which is her newest novel here in the UK.  It is stupendous.  It took me a little while to get into her voice and into the book as for a while you’re not entirely sure what’s going on.  But then suddenly you get it and you get the scope of it and then you realise who and what and wow…and you know, as an aspiring author, reading this has really lifted me emotionally. 

I don’t know why.  Actually – I think I do know why.  It’s because of the writing, the language, the style, but especially the plotting.  At first I thought Enchanted Glass was this lovely meandering story with a few occurances to keep the reader hooked…but then I started realising that no, in fact, this book is plotted within an inth of its life and it’s done so well, that I never even noticed the markers.  I’m sitting here, at work, writing this blogpost and I can’t shake that feeling that I’ve come across something truly unique in this book.  I’ll be a doing a full review of the novel in September for MFB’s UNDER 14’s ONLY themed month. 

I can’t rave about Enchanted Glass enough – I have subsequently bought Howl’s Moving Castle to read as well as Magicians of Caprona.  And having just had a good old look at her backlist, I have many happy bookreading hours yet to come.

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