It has begun, Highlander

…is that I’ve now submitted two queries.

I have sent CURSE OF THE DJINN off into the wide world am will wait a reasonable amount of time – 8pm tonight, at least – to send out more if I’ve not had any offers of acceptance/representation.

No, I’m kidding, actually.  I know better than that.  I’ll make it 7am tomorrow morning instead!

Today in Real Life Job things were utterly fraught but I managed to get some alone time to make sure the queries were acceptable and matched who I wanted to send it out to.  But it is the weirdest thing: I experienced a frisson of excitement as I pushed that “send” button, but more than anything else there was this big sense of relief.  That it was done.  That now it was up to someone else to perhaps like it as much as I do.   And to tell me so so that perhaps the next step can be taken.  It’s all a bit dizzying.  There are a LOT of steps!

Tonight I’ll be celebrating by going home hopefully on time, without any travel woes, and then rustling up something delicious for dinner.  Maybe Pizza Express?  Always a favourite in the De Jager household.

But tonight Mark and I get to do the FOR / AGAINST brainstorming session about my next WIP.  Which of the 3 will it be?  Graphic novel, YA with buttkicking teen and a horde of fae or humorous dragon story?

I’ll hopefully have decided by the weekend because whatever I’m writing, as I will need to get my chapters out to Sarah and Sharon (The Triptych Sisters) on Monday for critique.  See?  No rest for those of us WHO WRITE WRONGS.