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So my resolution to not tinker with anything new came to nothing.  I called up Scrivener on the iMac last night and I created a few folders and copied across research and images…
I sat down and chatted to Mark about what to write next.  He’s all for the YA katana-girl and roaming packs of wild monsters as is a few others I’ve been chatting to.   And I know the plot and I’ve made copious notes and I’ve got a lot of research done for it already.  BUT the idea of Andy and his dragon really appeals to me.  But I don’t have the bones of the story yet – I have how it starts and a general meandering but not the important parts, the meat and gristle.  Well, we are talking dragons here, how could I not have meat and gristle?  And little Andy is crystal clear in my head, very vivid.  But his story isn’t.  Which makes me a bit sad. 

*head in hands*  

Okay.  Decision is made.   

The next WIP will be called GT and it is a straight urban fantasy with no romace whatsoever.  Well, there could be a glimmer, a flingernail clipping of a possible romance but that is all.  My heroine has to focus or she’ll end up in a hobgoblin’s soup pot!  And that is not the way this story goes…or wait, maybe it does?  

Having decided that…I’m overcome by a flurry of emotions.  Again relief but mostly excitement.  Because it feels like the right choice.  Now come those thoughts about word-count, character development, story arc, secondary characters and secondary plots, research and action scenes and I have this need…this need for a new moleskine.  

I had to put that in, didn’t I? Pretty new shiny moleskine for a new shiny project.  

Find Mark Hlavaty’s fantastic website here – some of these pics really just make you want to write the story.