Assasin's Creed - Leap of Faith

As the self-imposed deadline to polish Djinn into shiny aweseomeness rushes closer at an incredible speed I spent most of today daydreaming just a tiny little bit.  I was “window shopping” over at the Agents Supermarket and have drawn up a wishlist of people I’d love to approach in July.

This is both incredibly exciting but also gutwrenchingly sickeningly scary.  The whole idea of taking that other bigger step in the long line of steps towards (hopefully) publication is probably the most nerve-wracking one of all.  It’s one thing to sit there in solitude and write your little heart out but it’s another thing altogether when it comes to realising how close you are.  It’s like you are balancing on that precipice and all you can see is that very distant point so far below you that your mind rebels at the thought of stepping forward, off that ledge.

Gather that together and hold it tight.  Then consider the field of possibilities that may be waiting for you if you take that step into the big blue.  A fulfilment of your dreams, everything you’ve worked towards for xyz many years is right there, almost in your grasp.

Are you strong enough to do it? I hope I am!