In a few days time I will be giving myself permission to start working on something brand new.  For real.  No games.  To the finish. 

Everything else I’ve been working on since finishing Djinn last year was good fun and some of these projects have managed to really get under my skin but none of them stuck, as at the back of my mind I knew I had to revise Djinn and polish it.

Later this week, I’ll be sitting down to evaluate these projects to decide which one to go ahead with.  For real.  And to hopefully complete it during the course of Summer.

I have had some pretty crazy notions recently about various shiny projects. 

I have got one partly written which I now think will suit a graphic novel more.  So I’ve been researching how to write graphic novels, the script, the format etc.  And the more I read the more interested I find myself in the process.  This one has fae creatures, wild adventures through the UK, a big family and a heroine who likes butterfly knives… 

I have a YA I am deeply keen to write too. I’ve had my critique group have sight of the opening and they were genuinely enthusiastic about it – after tearing it apart, of course.  It has monsters and hunting and a girl with a big sword.  Oh.  It also has royalty.  

I also have a something for a younger audience – maybe 7 – 9 or so, which I love as it so silly and over the top.  My only concern is, will I be able to pull it off?  What am I saying!  The only way to know would be to write it, right? It has a frail boy named Andy, dragons and adventures and gold.  Oh, and shopping in Hatton Gardens.

So, three potential projects.  All of which I am very excited about.  But which one will it be?  There can be…only one! (cue dramatic music from Queen’s Highlander album) <- yes, I am that old.

2 thoughts on “New shiny ideas

  1. Hi Liz, I’m starting on a graphic novel series to build a readership/fan base for my film scripts. that’s my route to selling the scripts to Hollywood

    2 local college students have created great design concepts and I’m now looking for illustrators.

    be interested to offer mutual support for our projects

    I’m in UK as well, Yorkshire


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