After working wildly and dilligently last night, I saved my work as I was about to turn off the iMac for the night…but something said to me: just check where that document saved to.

And do you think I could find it?  Anywhere? At all?  Nope.  Nada.  Not even in my Finder folder.  Oh, it had part of what I had been working on there, yes, but not the completed product.

My innards went lame and this dark sinking feeling made itself known in my soul.

Even Mark had a poke around the hard drive trying to find the document.  Nothing.  It wasn’t in Scrivener, it was GONE.

I sat with my head in my hands.  What. The. Hell. Happened?

I picked up the external hard drive I had plugged in to download some new tunes onto iTunes and hesitated.  Waitaminute!  I quickly turned on Mist and lo and behold, after plugging in the small portable external hard drive, my up to date document was found.  Safe and sound.  And I had somehow managed to save the working document to a completely different place than intended.  The mind boggles how this could have happened.

But, it matters not, I say!  The document was found, safe and sound, all in place and correct.  And then subsequently saved in the right place.  Panic over.

The relief was immense.  I even cried!

The thought of all those carefully crafted words having gone lost was just too much.  Thankfully, even at half past midnight, there was enough synpases sparking to tell me to check that external hard-drive that has nothing else on it except for all our music.  Phew!

Disaster averted!

*this counts as your inane and slightly rubbish post for the day!