I’m off to Foyles this evening to sit in the audience and stare lovingly at a living legend: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I may even ask a question, but I doubt it.  Face to face conversations I’m okay with, but in a crowd, I like to disappear, i.e. I like the anonymity and always feel that someone out there will ask far more intelligent and brilliant questions than moi! 

Back to CRZ: he’s at Foyles to chat about his children’s novel (and a novel for those who are youthful) The Prince of Mist.

I am armed with two copies of the book, my autograph book and also a camera.  I chose not to bring the other larger books he is probably better known for: The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game.  Reason being, that for my commute, it’s easier to carry what I already have in my bag, instead of another 2 rather large books.  However! Once at Foyles, I may forget myself and buy copies and give them to hubby Mark to lug home. 

And that’s really all this blogpost was about.  A tiny squee about being at tonight’s Foyles event to meet CRZ himself.