It’s not HUGE news but it’s not really TINY news either, but for me, it’s pretty awesome news regardless!  And I’m so chuffed to be able to share this.

A few days ago I heard someone say: the TV company SyFy are looking for new bloggers.

I thought: hey, that sounds like fun, wonder what it’s all about? I wrote them a little email about moi, about blogging over at MFB and also doing reviews for, the random publisher events I attend, the fact that I live and breathe books and movies and that in fact, I am probably in need of some kind of intervention (or winning the lottery to keep me in books, movies and music).  And something I said must have ticked the right buttons because I got an email back from the SyFy peeps asking me if I would consider coming on board to review books and graphic novels.  (And also movies and tv-shows, if I felt like it)

You can imagine my excitement.  In fact, I forwarded the email to Mark and my exact abbreviation was: OMFG.   Because yes, I do indeed have tremendous workskills at my disposal.  Big names in publishing, beware!

And then the shock hit me because you know – it’s the national website for a TV company who do some of my favourite shows and then I started shaking and doubting myself and I emailed poor Sarah in a fit going “Holy crap, what have I gotten myself in to?  *gasp gasp breathe breathe* There’s no way I can do this.”  Sarah shut me up and told me to bite the bullet and that yes, I can do it and tocalm the frack down and just get on with it already.  That Sarah, she’s a tough cookie.

I took the advice.  Otherwise they may have scraped bits of me off Victoria station as I was literally bouncing.  

Today I heard from the lovely Pete at SyFy – he’s sending me a stack of graphic novels to review (yay!) and soon, my name will be on SyFy as an official contributor. 

How. Fracking. Cool. Is. That?

Naturally all will still be going ahead over at and – as per normal.  I suspect my reviews for MFB may focus on older books, with new books being reviewed at sfrevu and, with syfy getting the brunt of my newly developed graphic novels and comics craze.

And that’s my news everyone.  As I said – not HUGE not TINY but still pretty cool.   Now, I wonder if they will send me to ComicCon in San Diego…

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  1. Awesome, Liz, congrats!! 🙂 Very jealous and proud of you, and I’m sure SyFy will get even better and bigger because you joined them! 🙂

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