One of my favourite Caravaggio's
One of my favourite Caravaggio's

I don’t really have a heading for this post, except to say that today I feel incredibly inspired and I am slightly worried because it feels like I might implode or something if it doesn’t get out.


It feels like the words are burning under my skin to get out.  But what, but what to give in to? Current WIP (which is still Vassilly’s Daughter ) or Nu-Pro™ (uh, random term I came up with this morning indicating a true random New Project or shiny) .

The Nu-Pro™ is a bit odd – came out of nowhere and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever thought of trying to write, although I love reading them.  I blame media presentations by Puffin and hanging around with other creative types after work for this new thing that’s tippy-tapping in my head.

I suspect the only way out may be…to give in to the impulse for a few days to see where it leads.