I’m still very enamoured with SCBWI.

Last night was the London social and there were quite a few of us.  What struck me most is the cameraderie and genuine enthusiasm of everyone present.  Some may be more or less talkative than others (naturally I was the very demure one – uhm, no, I wasn’t) and I got the chance to very briefly speak to Jackie who arranges the Professional series and you know what, I stand in awe.  She listed most of the talks she has lined up for 2010.  That is dedictation and forethought! I am a bit annoyed that I won’t be able to go the first one in January as Mark and I be winging our way to South Africa for a two week holiday on that exact day.  But I’ll make sure to set up the dates in my diary for the rest of the year.

What is even more exciting is that I’ve registered to attend the Winchester conference held later this month.  At the age of 36 this has made me feel incredibly grown up! Not only am I travelling on my own, I will be staying on my own.  Now this may seem a bit odd to others reading this but Mark and I have always been:  Mark and Liz, reviewers for MFB and we go around everywhere.  We are like a comedy act.  No.  Seriously. Cooler than Ant and Dec, I promise.

Now I’m breaking away from the “Liz the reviewer” bit and am becoming “Liz the writer” and it’s very freaky.  A change in perception really – as previously I could see myself off as being on the outside, looking in.  I am used to looking at the publishing industry, authors and writers from the perspective of one who receives books / buys them / interviews publishers and authors as an interested party for the review blog.  But since I completed CURSE OF THE DJINN I have felt that I am now on the other side – and it’s genuinely a disconcerting and slightly scary perspective.

Now I’m reading author blogs for advice on writing, tips, suggestions and taking it in on a much more personal level.  Previously it was for interest’ sake, now its a lot more pertinent and dare I say it, personal and fun? I also find I ask more questions of writers for my own benefit when I interview them.  So maybe my margins have become a bit blurred!  But to be honest, it’s interesting and fun and I enjoy finding out more about the craft!

One thought on “SCBWI and general musings

  1. Hi Liz,

    I can totally relate to what you say about the other side of publishing. We have crossed over onto the dark side 🙂

    LOL You have slipped in ‘No. Seriously’ in your message 🙂

    And thanks again for bringing me over to the MOO side of life! I can;t wait to get those cards! I feel like in a geeky version of American Psycho – without the killing part, of course! 🙂

    Finally, congrats again for the short story. It’s amazing!


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