ElvesSo there I was merrily typing away on my gorgeous new iMac (called Mist) with its obscenely large screen, using the newly discovered Scrivener software when unexpectedly there strolled up a Fae war band into Vassilly’s Daughter.

Hang on! Hang on!

Where did they just come from?

I shouted this new happening out to Mark, who was upstairs, killing things online and just got an amused chuckle from him and a: “Okay, maybe you go with that instead.”

It called for a break. And research. And furious rethinking of the story I had in mind for Nika. 

It took me two days (I didn’t stop writing the sequence as they were busy posturing and giving Nika and her uncle some grief ) to come up with a viable and waterproof reason why these guys unexpectedly showed up.   The sneaky little elves, to paraphrase Gollum.

I love that they are now part of Nika’s story because it’s thrown up a whole new twist on events which I love and am more than just a bit scared of!  But it’s going to be fun.