4 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. Oh goody – I get to be your first comment!
    The Nietzsche quote is all too apt, by the way, so be warned. I studied him at university and it was when I began really ‘identifying’ with his philosophy that I realized I was going down fast. The abyss really does ‘look back’…
    Cool page, though, matey!

  2. wOOt! Thanks so much. 😉 I love wordpress and all their themes I can download for the site.

    I love that quote and it always scares me just a little. I’m also liking the mythological figures guarding the site – very Pantheon/Nearin, no?

  3. Looking Good!

    Having now finally got this sorted fro you, I should really get my own web presence sorted out 🙂

    – Neil.

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